Joe is secretly afraid of the Internet and social media.

“There I was sitting at my desk staring at the screen. My source told me that everything I needed to know about my suspect, and their crime, was online. The problem was, I’m not. I had no idea where to start. Facebook? That’s something my kid uses.”

That used to be me

I originally created this online program purely out of frustration. The more I searched for relevant Internet investigative training the less I found – anywhere. The few courses offered were usually taught by civilians with little to no investigative experience and barely covered the information required to conduct a “real world” police investigation.

So in 2006 I decided to create a series of Internet and social media investigative courses designed for the average investigator and not the people in the Tech Crime Units.

These courses are designed with the investigator in mind. They use real life scenarios to help reinforce the learning. It doesn’t matter what type of investigator you are, or what industry you work in, these courses will work for all investigative environments:

    • Police officers
    • Government investigators
    • Corporate investigators
    • Licensed private investigators

I have taught thousands of police officers as well as corporate and private investigators.

All of our courses are offered either through the Justice Institute of BC or Holland College, PEI.

For more information please visit our training site:

Take your investigations to the next level!

Become an investigative leader in your organization

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