All information on this form is treated as private and confidential DISCLAIMER We use this form to gather information about possible scammers. We do our best to verify the information as being true and accurate however, we DO NOT GUARANTEE that the individual(s) or businesses we find are necessarily the…

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Joe is secretly afraid of the Internet and social media. “There I was sitting at my desk staring at the screen. My source told me that everything I needed to know about my suspect, and their crime, was online. The problem was, I’m not. I had no idea where to…

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Bill is just like every other small to medium sized business – just trying to make an honest living while watching the bottom line. Between leasing office and warehouse space, rising supplier costs, rising employee costs and now having to worry about paying someone else to do employee background checks……

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had no idea how to go about it and ended up losing her retirement funds – all $100,000.00! Sarah (not her real name) was one of hundreds of individuals that Terrill and I dealt with over the years. She was in her 60’s, widowed and getting close to retiring. She…

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First Podcast Test

Welcome to our podcast corner. Very soon we will be broadcasting podcasts featuring all sorts of topics related to fraud.

Check back soon!