Bill is just like every other small to medium sized business – just trying to make an honest living while watching the bottom line. Between leasing office and warehouse space, rising supplier costs, rising employee costs and now having to worry about paying someone else to do employee background checks…

Bill never really thought about business security until he started to see more and more news stores about employee theft, corporate espionage, scammers, malware, denial of service attacks, data theft, ransomware, man in the middle attacks…it made his head spin! All Bill wanted to do was run his business and provide for his family and now he had to worry about new employees and online security. Adding another cost to his already dwindling bottom line was going to be a strain.

Did you know that small and medium businesses are more likely to be attacked?

Criminals know that many of these businesses, unlike corporations, can not afford to protect themselves or hire proper security.

What Bill Really Needs

We can provide Bill, and business owners just like you, with a personalized course taught in an easy to understand format that will provide a solid grounding in how to protect yourself, your business and your employees.

Learn how to do your own basic open source background checks on potential employees. Our course will help you locate any potential issues while at the same time protecting their privacy and your business interests.


Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Learn how to protect yourself through our easy to understand online courses.

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