Vancouver Intelligence™

"Intelligence gathering for intelligent decisions"

For the previous 20 years VanIntel (Vancouver Intelligence™) has specialized in the collection, and investigation, of open source (OSINT) and social media information (SOCMINT). Our investigators are former police officers and current licensed private investigators who have a strong background in online research and investigations. Whether you are looking to verify an online user, perform due diligence, company research or just want to clean up your online presence VanIntel has the knowledge, and expertise, to meet all of your personal and professional needs.
<h4 align=center>OSINT & SOCMINT Investigations</h4>

OSINT & SOCMINT Investigations

At VanIntel we offer a full range of OSINT and SOCMINT research and investigative services for a variety of professions: private investigators, lawyers, forensic accountants, computer forensic companies and corporations. If you would like to find out how we may assist you please contact us for further information.
<h4 align=center>Specialized Investigative Techniques</h4>

Specialized Investigative Techniques

Most organizations rely on that one person in the office who knows how to search Facebook and Google or, they purchase expensive software that doesn’t capture everything. At VanIntel we go way beyond this. We are continually researching unique tools, sites, links and scripts that successfully data mine the entire Internet - including the Dark Web.
<h4 align=center>Investigator courses</h4>

Investigator courses

Joe is a well respected detective but has never really understood open source investigations. He knows there is a wealth of information to be found online through OSINT and SOCMINT but just doesn't know how to search for it. ...READ MORE